Business Advisory and Consulting Services

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Bateman MacKay business advisory services help guide business owners through every stage of growth. Our experienced business advisors identify strengths and weaknesses, address opportunities, and work with you to build a foundation that supports today’s business goals and establishes a target for the future.

Business Advisory for Better Business Results

Our team of CPAs and business advisors are knowledgeable in many areas of business, finance, and accounting. Common challenges and needs our business advisors help with include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Virtual CFO services
  • Expanding service offerings
  • Struggling with operational bottlenecks 
  • Operational inefficiency 
  • Exploring new markets or capitalizing on market opportunities 
  • Addressing declining profitability

With a trusted team by their side, offering strategic advice through the most significant business decisions, clients are free to leverage their time and energy on other business challenges.

Business Advisory Services

Bateman MacKay’s comprehensive service offerings and tailored solutions are designed to optimize your organization’s financial performance. Our financial advisory services include:

Business Succession Planning

Your business has come a long way. Business succession planning is a critical component of preserving the value of your enterprise. Your exit strategy business plan requires a well-designed, customized, and multi-disciplinary approach. Bateman MacKay will provide advice on critical components of your business exit strategy, including:

  1. Succession coaching and communication
  2. Business valuation
  3. Tax and estate planning
  4. Corporate finance
  5. Wealth management and financial planning

With a personal approach, we work with you to ensure your business succession plan achieves your long-term objectives in a flexible and customized manner. Overcome your business challenges and book a chat with a Bateman MacKay Business Advisor today.

Cash Flow Analysis

We will evaluate your current financial position and assist you in the preparation of financial projections and business plans. We are able to help arrange capital or financing facilities that are appropriate for your business. In addition to forecasting, we can assist in cash flow budgeting, an essential part of sound financial management and a useful management tool to help avoid short-term cash shortfalls.

Internal Control Review

Our team has the experience to assess your business systems and controls to ensure efficiency and help your company accomplish organizational structure and flow.

Simplifying Business Decisions with Trusted Business Advisors 

Our focus on high-quality work, relationship building, and the use of secure and forward-thinking technologies are just some of the reasons we are able to proactively advise and position clients for success.

Business Advisory and Consulting FAQ

  • How long does a business consulting project last? 
    Consulting projects vary significantly based on the client. It could stretch over years or could only last a few weeks.
  • What industries or businesses do you specialize in? 
    We specialize in small manufacturing, retail trade, and medical professionals.
  • How do you determine the scope of your business consulting project?
    The scope is entirely based on the individual client and project.
  • Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
    Yes, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Do you offer a free consultation?
    No, we do not provide free consultations.

Not Just Advisors, We Are Partners

Future-proof your organization with optimal business advice. Trusted relationships and experienced advisors play a crucial role in helping manage growth. 

Partner with Bateman MacKay to drive long-term growth for your business.

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