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The details of your business matter. Assurance and accounting allow you to attain clear, impactful financial data, which provides fiscal awareness to further understand your business's operations and how to take them to the next level. 

At Bateman MacKay, our CPAs provide accurate, timely, and detailed financial reporting. We combine our highly trained staff, years of experience, and cutting-edge technology to provide insights into your company. We value developing our client relationships and understanding your business to contribute to your success.

Assurance Services

We offer various degrees of assurances, including review and corporate audits, providing your lender with confidence in your current and projected fiscal status through in-depth, clear information on your corporate activities. This confidence allows you to focus on your business and take advantage of the next opportunity for growth. Assurance also plays a pivotal role in business areas beyond reassuring your lender of financial validity.

Audit Engagements

The highest level of assurance available for your financial statements is an audit. Audited financial statements are used to report to shareholders, bankers, creditors, and government. To prepare and support your firm to be audit-ready, we will take a customized approach and tailor the engagement to meet your requirements. Bateman MacKay provides a thorough, independent, and professional opinion on the fairness of the financial statements. At the same time, we can assist in evaluating your company’s system of internal control by conducting an inspection of documents, observing assets, making enquiries within and outside the company, and engaging in other auditing procedures, as required. Throughout the audit process, we help identify opportunities for added efficiencies to the accounting systems while considering optimal results for your entire business.

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Review Engagements

A narrower form of assurance, review engagements are a standard financial procedure essential for your business. A review engagement consists of an inquiry process followed by a discussion to establish evidence-based facts related to sources in the statements. This process is accomplished by investigating portions of your financials through analytical procedures and assessments. A review engagement is often required when obtaining or renewing bank financing and is a useful tool in the business consultation process.

Compilation Engagement (Notice To Reader)

A compilation engagement, also known as a notice to reader, is the most basic of accounting services. The objective is to compile unaudited financial information into financial statements or reports based on the information clients supply to us. Compilation engagements are applicable when financial statements are needed for the exclusive use of the company or for income tax purposes.

Special Reports

In addition to the traditional assurance services on financial statements, we offer several tailored solutions to meet your assurance needs. Other assurance engagements include:

  • Reports on the results of applying specified auditing procedures on information other than financial statements
  • Reports on compliance with agreements and contracts
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Internal audit and reviews of internal control over financial reporting
  • Budget development and analysis
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