CRA Authorize a Representative Process

In October 2022, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) expanded the “Confirm my Representative” service, which allows business owners and individual taxpayers to authorize representatives, including accountants, to represent them for tax related matters. In addition to the expanded service, the CRA has also made the authorization process more secure by removing the option to verify over the phone or via various tax filing software and they have added a mandatory online 2-step verification process.  

If you already have filed a tax return with Bateman MacKay LLP we already have access to your CRA account(s) and no further action is required. If you have a new corporation, are a new client with Bateman MacKay, or have not filed tax returns with Bateman MacKay yet please follow the important steps below.  

In order to file a tax return and take action with the CRA on your behalf, we (as Representatives) need you to provide us with a Level 2 authorization by completing the steps below. While we can provide you with instructions on how to complete this process, it is not something we can do on your behalf. 

Firstly, you must ensure your corporation(s) and personal profiles are registered with your My Business Account/My Account with CRA. If you have not already created a My Business Account and linked any corporations you may own, you can use this video which explains how to get your CRA My Business Account registered. Once you register for a My Business Account/My Account with the CRA, you will receive a code in the mail to verify your account. 

Once you have a My Business Account, there are two options available to authorize Bateman MacKay LLP as a representative. This video provides a walkthrough for how to authorize as a representative online.  

Option 1 – Add Bateman MacKay LLP as a Level 2 representative using our business number 838189066. 

Option 2 – Send us a request to submit the signed authorization form. After we submit this form, you must sign into your My Business Account to accept this authorization within ten days of our submission. 

*Please note that we cannot file your tax return without completing this process. Due to the physical mail involved, this process takes at least several days to complete. If this is not completed by April 15th of this year, we cannot guarantee that your personal tax filing will be submitted on time and penalties may be involved.  

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to your Client Service Specialist (previously Administrative Coordinator) at Bateman MacKay. 

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