Photo of John Doma, CPA, CA, LPA

John brings over 20 years of public accounting experience as an Assurance Partner to help clients grow their business. Working with a diverse array of clients, John likes to get to know his clients first-hand by listening to and understanding the owner-manager’s business and personal concerns. In collaboration with the client, John prioritizes business goals and assists in developing appropriate recommendations to preserve and grow business assets. John recently published a chapter on “Tax Strategies for the Owner Manager” and is a member of the Independent Review Committee of Portland Investment Counsel Inc.

“Each family business is unique,” notes John. “It’s my job to understand the needs of the business and family, and provide the owners with the individual attention they deserve.” John finds that meeting his clients outside of the boardroom helps him better understand their goals. With a hands-on approach, John is one to don a hard hat, walk through client facilities, meet the employees, and take the time to intimately understand the business and the people behind it.

“Getting to know the clients personally helps me to develop the most appropriate recommendations to protect the family and the business’s net worth.”

Working closely with his clients, John shares his personal experience in strategic acquisitions and financing to help businesses prosper. John’s expertise also extends to planning for real estate transactions with an emphasis on tax minimization.

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