Vinay Khosla Offers Guidance on Tax Smart Angel Investing

July 30, 2019

At one of Open People Network’s (OPN) PitchIt events, where entrepreneurs showcase their company in an interactive and fun way to potential clients and angel investors, Tax Partner Vinay Khosla, gave a presentation on Tax Smart Angel Investing. Vinay focused on finding the right structure for each investment, presenting the differences between investing as an individual, corporation, trust, or partnership. He also discussed the key variables in deciding on which structure is best including personal and corporate tax rates, capital gains history and the amount to be invested. This brief overview was valuable for those in attendance and Vinay made it clear that each investment is unique, and professional advice is required for any significant investment. If you have any questions regarding tax smart investing or any other tax issues, reach out to Bateman MacKay LLP for help.

Open People Network is a group of angel investors helping accelerate start-up growth through their Accelerator, The Supporters Fund and PitchIt Series. The Accelerator helps start-ups with all aspects of growing their business and The Supporters Fund is designed to connect a community of Angel & Accredited Investors with start-ups.

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