You have a great business idea and you are ready to execute. You have put together some capital, allocated your time, commitment and are ready to take the big plunge into life as an entrepreneur. Success for small businesses comes with a strategic growth plan and steps to achieving your targets from execution of your great idea to incorporating your business and succession.

For a small and growing business, proactive accounting, tax and business advice plays a key factor in your initial stages of development. We don’t just prepare your financial statements and income tax returns, our advisors are here to help you every step of the way, year round.

Here is how we can help you:

  • Review your business plan — Our advisors have many years of experience across a vast variety of industries. We can help you develop a solid plan for growth.
  • Assist in securing early stage financing — If you require that extra push of cash flow to execute your plan, sit down with us. We know what lenders require and can assist you in obtaining the necessary growth capital.
  • Establish a proper accounting system customized to your business needs — Don’t make the mistake of keeping your receipts in a shoe box or a banker’s box until the end of the year. Our team can assist you set up a proper accounting system suitable for your needs which will allow you to track your success in any given point of time — not just at year end.
  • Income and Commodity Tax Compliance — Do you know what to charge, where to charge it and when to file? We can assist from registration, to tracking and filing. Sit down with us to understand the constantly changing rules, how it affects you and what you need to stay on top of.
  • Early stage tax planning including advice on how to structure your business and incorporation. Our dedicated team of tax specialists can answer all your questions.
  • Review with you any tax and other government incentives to assist your growth.  Let’s talk!


Let's talk!